Personal Profile
  Henry Lin is a Taiwanese born Canadian. He has worked in several fields including real estate, sales, database management, and document delivery in Taiwan. He immigrated to Canada in 1993, lived in Montreal for 7 years, and started his new life from the ground up. He studied English, Canadian culture, and eventually Photography at Dawson Collage where he graduated among the class of '99. He began shooting professionally in '98, and now speaks and writes in three languages fluently; Mandarin, English, and lovely Taiwanese.
  Henry first became passionate about the visual arts while living in his French Canadian "Home-stay." It was there that he was exposed to oil painting, water colour, and sketch work which ultimately spawned his interest in photographic arts. He is now associated with First Light stock agency, the 2nd largest stock agency in Canada, and is finally available for commercial and private photo shoots after a two and half year break.
  Henry has fully immersed himself in every project he's taken on. Most recently was his extensive exploration of Yorkville, the high street shopping center and historical district of Toronto. He spent over a year photographing the people, events, and distinct features that make Yorkville what it is today. His images from Yorkville number in the thousands, many of which can be seen on his web site (a play on his thick Taiwanese accent "photo for you"). The buzz Henry generated in the Yorkville community resulted in dozens of new high end clients, a trend he would like to see continue.

  Henry knows there are no short cuts, he is starting from basic portfolio preparation, advertising his services, and creating masterpieces from each new assignment. A very creative and diverse photographer, he excels in styling, props, special effects, concept creation, lighting, and motion effects. Henry knows his equipment, digital solutions inside and out.

Yorkville Photographer's Objective, Your Benefit.